As a design and specification professional, details matter. AV Partners is here to help you give your clients the performance they demand. Whether you are building a state-of-the-art home theater from the ground up, or finding a way to design an outdoor space with hidden high-end audio (see below), we’ve got the solutions you are looking for. AV Partners offers fee-based services pertaining to the: budgeting, design, construction, project management, calibration and performance verification of audio/video entertainment systems. Many of our consulting services to: architects, designers, builders, developers and others come at no charge. This is because we act as a broker for the manufacturers and installers who provide the products and services that are needed for your application. We have a vested interest in making sure that you get the best products and services at the best price!




The Samsung Frame TV solves the designer's problem of needing two focal points in a room with a TV. With The Frame, you can integrate art with the TV into a single focal point. You can even put The Frame above a fireplace. With the No-Gap Wall Mount, four color choices of bezels and a wide range of available high-quality art (including your own), The Frame TV is the designer’s dream choice for a wall-hanging TV.


concealed ceiling speakers

The James Loudspeaker concealed in-ceiling speakers get around the physical limitation of obtaining loud, high-performance sound out of tiny grilles, disguised as light fixtures. They’re so ingenious, you won’t believe the amount of room-filling bass that comes out of a 3” diameter opening. This is made possible because the speaker backcan contains hidden low-frequency components that generate deep bass, which is ported through slots surrounding the small-aperture midrange and tweeter speakers. The finish grille recesses into the ceiling and can be made custom to match the fit and finish of any light fixture. Now you can have great sound throughout the property with guests wondering where the speakers are hidden!

Hidden Landscape Speaker.JPG

hidden landscape speakers

Say goodbye to those old rock speakers! They always sounded terrible and who ever thought they looked like rocks anyway? Modern landscape speakers come in many shapes and sizes, and can be custom powdercoated to match any finish. We can even do copper patina, bronze, stainless steel and other specialty metal finishes. A complete hidden landscape speaker system often has underground subwoofers, speakers in planters and speakers mounted to trees. There are even bollard light-speakers available for walkways where it is necessary to integrate speakers with path lighting.