AV Partners is your partner for high-performance audio and video projects. We can help you with: budgeting, system design, materials and labor planning, project management, system calibration and performance verification.



This advanced calibration service offered by AV Partners allows you to be confident that your system will meet or exceed SMPTE specifications for frequency response.  Calibrations are performed using the

Will the picture and sound in your next home theater compare with that of the best THX theaters in Hollywood? A bad room

Is your project moving along so quickly that you’re concerned costly mistakes will be  made?  Whether the job calls for engineering expertise or just-in-time expediting, AV Partners can help.

We track your project time-table to make sure that your equipment is delivered when  needed.  We also safeguard manufacturers’ warranties from being voided by ensuring that any work is performed only by  authorized installation professionals. 

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can ruin everything, even if you start with good equipment.  AV Partners has played a critical role in designing dozens of award-winning home theaters and screening rooms and can assure that you will obtain the best value from the home theater equipment you purchase. And we will help you find a professional installer who will stick to your budget!

JBL ARCOS Adaptive Room Correction and Optimization System, an eight–microphone spectrum analysis system that yields extremely accurate results.  The AV Partners calibration is a fifteen-point service.

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