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HARMAN Awards AV Partners Rep of the Year at CEDIA EXPO 2015

Oct. 2015, Dallas, TX: In a national sales meeting just prior to the start of CEDIA, Harman spelled out their goals for the show as well as discussed new product launches, including the JBL Synthesis SDP-75 Surround Sound Processor, which is capable of decoding Dolby ATMOS in up to 32 channels! William Curtsinger, Harman Luxury Audio Group’s Western Regional Manager, took time to congratulate the AV Partners team for a job well done over the past year.

AV Partners 2015 Harman Rep of the Year Award2004 DPI Top Home Cinema Rep Award

Mar. 2005: AV Partners is proud to accept the 2004 Top Home Cinema Rep of the Year Award from Digital Projection.  Eric Leicht of AV Partners exclaimed, “It is wonderful to have such a great line-up of products to work with! We especially wish to thank George Walter (of Digital Projection), who has provided outstanding sales and engineering support.  We also wish to thank all of our dealers who have helped make this possible and look forward to a very bright 2005!” 

AV Partners Awarded: Top Home Cinema Rep of the Year

JBL Awards AV Partners: 2005 Rep of the Year

Sept. 2005: In a national sales meeting for JBL’s Systems Integration Specialist Products reps held at CEDIA EXPO 2005, Chris Neumann presented AV Partners with this year’s Rep of the Year award to recognize AV Partners’ ongoing commitment to supporting JBL Synthesis dealers and contributing to JBL’s overall success and valued reputation.  As Eric Leicht, President of AV Partners accepted the award, he commented, “…I love the products, I love you (JBL) guys…” and then thanked JBL for the tremendous support afforded to AV Partners.

2005 JBL Synthesis Rep of the Year Award2005 DPI Rep Award

DPI Awards AV Partners: 2005 Highest Growth in Sales

Mar. 2006: At the annual NSCA show in Las Vegas, Digital Projection honored AV Partners with the 2005 Rep Recognition Award for Highest Growth in Sales. Frank Brady and Chuck Collins of Digital Projection presented the award to Eric Leicht, who was in attendance to accept it. Eric acknowledged that while much of the sales growth could be attributed to the efforts of AV Partners’ Business Development Manager, Lisa Ortega, formerly of Stewart Filmscreen, there is still a lot of growth to be realized in the market in general.  “We are especially looking forward to the new 1080p-based product and the impact that we will see in the high-end home theater market.” said Eric. “These are very exciting times for the high-definition enthusiast!” 

DPI Award Presentation to AV Partners

JBL Awards AV Partners: 2006 Rep of the Year

Sept. 2006: The ChopHouse & Brewery, Denver, CO proved to be the venue of choice for JBL to hold its annual CEDIA event to honor the business partners who have been most supportive of JBL’s growth in the custom installation business in the past year. Topping the awards list was Radio Active of La Quinta, CA, who accepted their much deserved award for 2006 Dealer of the Year from Chris Neumann and Paul Bente of JBL. On hand to accept the AV Partners award were Lisa Ortega and Eric Leicht.   

JBL Synthesis 2006 Rep of the Year Award: AV Partners

AV Partners Awarded: 2007 DPI Rep of the Year — Home Cinema

Apr. 2007, Torrance, CA: At the SoCal stop of the DPI Road Show held at Stewart Filmscreen, George Walter of Digital Projection takes time out from calibrating anamorphic 1080p 2.35:1 images to formally thank AV Partners for sales and support this past year. “Does this get Lisa (Ortega) and me out of teardown?” asked Eric Leicht. As it turns out, it didn’t, but at least they didn't have to load the truck! 

JBL Awards AV Partners: 2007 Rep of the Year

Sept. 2007: This year in the Caboose room of the ChopHouse & Brewery in Denver, JBL and Audioaccess paid homage to their dealers, reps, distributors and business partners who have been supportive of the brands and Harman Consumer Group’s products over the past year.  On hand were Lisa Ortega and Eric Leicht to accept the Award from Chris Neumann and Ron Rouse. Our thanks go out to all of our dealers who were there to offer congratulations!

JBL Again Awards AV Partners with 2008 JBL Synthesis Rep of the Year

Sept. 2008, Denver, CO: While the setting was familiar, this final CEDIA convergence of Harman Specialty dealers at the ChopHouse & Brewery presented a festive opportunity for HSG top brass to honor those who had made 2008 successful. Readily prepared to deliver the award was JBL’s Chris Neumann. Special thanks go to the Signals Audio Video crew, who appear here simultaneously receiving their JBL Synthesis Dealer of the Year award!

AV Partners receives Harman’s High Performance AV Rep of the Year Award for 2009

Feb. 2010: Having just created the HPAV group in 2009 out of Harman’s consortium of specialty brands, this division operating under the Harman Pro Group chose to present AV Partners with the group’s newly created award at the Harman Pro Business and Technology Conference, held in conjunction with the NAMM show at the luxurious La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad. Presenting the award backstage to John Savali and Eric Leicht are John Batliner and Ron Rouse.        

AV Partners Hosts 3D and Anamorphic Training Event at Stewart Filmscreen

Aug. 2011, Torrance, CA: AV Partners couples with industry leaders: Digital Projection, Stewart Filmscreen, Lumagen and Panamorph in what has become an annual training event for the area’s top home theater designers and installers. In addition to seeing the full line of the latest 3D video projectors, installers will have an opportunity to learn four different methods to design a 2.35:1 native multiple-aspect-ratio projection system. 

AV Partners Begins Delivering First Blu-ray Capable 3D Projection Systems

Apr. 2010, Torrance, CA: In preparation for next month’s “3D for Real” product showcase and training event to be held at Stewart Filmscreen, here Eric Leicht and John Savali prepare to fire up a 30,000 lumen DPI LIGHTNING 3D projector at a nearby airport hangar. After receiving the latest 3D upgrades, the projector will undergo several days of testing prior to being installed in a private cinema in Saudi Arabia.

DPI Awards AV Partners for becoming Top Rep Home Cinema

May, 2012, Los Sueńos Marriott, Costa Rica: At the spectacular, first-ever “Big Bang & Bash” Home Cinema Dealer event, DPI took time out from the fun to acknowledge AV Partners and their dealers for a job well done. Eric Leicht and John Savali gave a high-five as they approached the stage to accept the award. Everyone was wondering if the iguana will be a permanent addition to the DPI logo, but we were told it was all in fun. 

AV Partners Participates in 2013 Technology & Business Summit

May 2013, Woodland Hills and Irvine, CA: AV Partners joins with SoCal’s leading rep firms to bring nearly 100 manufacturers and industry leaders to integrators in this annual regional event featuring technology exhibits, networking and education seminars. Show dates are May 21st in Woodland Hills and May 23rd in Irvine. Register at 

AV Partners Forms Alliance with Clarity Business Group

Aug, 2013, Thousand Oaks, CA: Two established and highly respected Manufacturer Representative Firms, AV Partners, Inc. and Clarity Business Group, Inc. have announced that they are forming an alliance. The name AV Partners will be retained, and Clarity Business Group will be absorbed into the organization.  Full Press Release...

Clarity Business Group LogoMark Cichowski and Eric Leicht at Tech Summit West 2013

Mark Cichowski; left

Eric Leicht; right

Harman Awards VIA 2013 JBL Synthesis Dealer of the Year

Sept. 2013, Denver, CO: Following an evening of great fun with the VIA management team at the Chop House & Brewery, Harman chose their CEDIA booth as the venue to issue the JBL Synthesis Dealer of the Year award to newly formed VIA. Eric Leicht, Martin Byrne and John Villano were on hand to offer congratulations to all.

Technology & Business Summit Show Floor Image
DPI Award to AV Partners for Top Home Cinema RepAV Partners holds DPI Training at Stewart Filmscreen Aug 2011DPI LIGHTNING 3D Testing2009 Harman High Performance AV Rep of the Year Award2008 JBL Rep of the Year AwardAV Partners 2007 DPI Home Cinema Rep of the Year AwardHarman Awards VIA 2013 JBL Synthesis Dealer of the Year

DPI Adds 4K to LED Projection Lineup at CEDIA EXPO 2014

Sept. 2014, Denver, CO: The INSIGHT LED 4K made its debut as the first projector in history capable of reproducing the full 4K UHD resolution and color spectrum on the DPI Booth at CEDIA EXPO. This new model builds upon the TITAN 3-Chip DLP LED legacy. Here David Kile of Digital Projection International and John Villano of AV Partners calibrate a TITAN LED projector in Manhattan Beach, CA. The TITAN LED currently delivers the most accurate color of any projector on the market today.

Daivd Kile and John Villano Calibrate a TITAN LED in Manhattan Beach, CA

Digital Projection Honors AV Partners for Outstanding Commitment

Mar. 2015, Kennesaw, GA: With all that is changing in the projection world, including the addition of 3-chip LASER and LED technology as well as the adoption of the Rec 2020 color standard, there is a lot to learn. During a national rep training event, Michael Bridwell, VP Marketing and Paul Gomes, Western Regional Manager took time out to recognize AV Partners’ efforts over the past year. Martin Byrne and John Villano were on hand to accept the award. 

AV Partners 2014 DPI Outstanding Commitment Award

Digital Projection Honors AV Partners for Ongoing Achievement

Mar. 2016, Plano, TX: During a special meeting held deep inside Texas Instruments’ DLP’s research and development center, a new single-chip class of 4K UHD DLP projectors was revealed to a select group of industry partners. As a wrap-up to two days of evaluations, training and demos, DPI took out some time to award AV Partners for their ongoing sales, training and technical support efforts in the field. Paul Gomes and Michael Bridwell presented the award.

AV Partners 2015 Award from Digital Projection

Tributaries Awards AV Partners Rep of the Year at CEDIA

Sept. 2016, Dallas, TX: Subsequent to the launch last year of Tributaries DPL Labs-certified HDMI cables AV Partners set out on a massive effort to educate and help dealers field troubleshoot to solve HDMI issues and bring their systems up to the highest level of performance. It paid off for manufacturers like Tributaries as acknowledged by Joe Perfito in CEPro.

AV Partners 2016 Award from TributariesAV Partners Receives Award from AudioControl at CES 2017

AudioControl Presents Award to AV Partners at CES 2017

Jan. 2017, Las Vegas, NV: For over 35 years, Seattle-based AudioControl has manufactured highly-acclaimed amplifiers and processors that continue to receive top awards from CEDIA and CTA. This year was no exception. Chris Kane, VP Sales at AudioControl also recognized AV Partners for their successes in their first year as the SoCal rep for AudioControl.